Children’s Private Price

These fees apply to patients under 18 who still have primary teeth.

Emergency appointment£60
Second Opinion£65
Large X-Ray£55
Small X-Ray£10
Preventative Periodontal Care:
New Patient Hygiene – includes tooth brushing class, scale and polish, fluoride varnish and diet education/advice£70
Fissure sealants per tooth£55
Sports Guard£150
Fillings: (primary teeth)
One Surface£55
Two Surfaces£95
Three Surfaces£135
Crowns (primary teeth):
Silver CrownFrom £150
Primary Teeth£75
Adult TeethFrom £150
Space maintainersFrom £160
Orthodontic Care:
Orthodontic Consultation£35
Primary toothFrom £210
Adult toothFrom £350

All appointments are reserved with a deposit fee that is requested in advance. This will contribute towards the services received or be refunded where services are complimentary. Deposits will not be refunded if our cancellation policy is not followed.

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We Offer Dental Sedation for Nervous Patients!